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Why I PMC - Steve Nelson

Published Date:   September 13, 2023

Topic:   Why I PMC, #WHYIPMC, #PMC2023, #PMCUnpaved

Why I PMC - Steve Nelson
#WhyIPMC guest blog by Steve Nelson, PMC rider, PMC Virtual Rider and PMC Unpaved Pioneer Rider and Volunteer

Why I ride and volunteer…
I rode in 2018, Sturbridge to Bourne (I had to stop due to injury before Franklin stop), 2019,cid912B577B-C839-404C-950E-9217464EAFDB Sturbridge to Ptown. I rode last year in the first ever UNPAVED event and chose the 50 mile Eagle route. 
I have had many reasons to ride, like every other rider. 
In 1988, a few days after high school graduation, I left with my best friend John Berkeley, his Dad Bob Berkeley and his uncle Jim Henneberry on our trek to Los Angeles, CA. Bob, John and Bob’s youngest son, Robbie had all battled cancer and one year the Jimmy Fund came in and paid all their mounting bills. Bob wanted to do something to pay them back so he eventually set up a cross country trip which started at the Santa Monica Pier to Rockland, MA. One of his Dana-Farber doctors met us out there and rode the first few miles with us. 3414 miles later we reached Rockland. 
My parents we super proud of me, I just went as support but I guess it was a big thing. We ended cid1CC35691-AECD-48EE-971F-F02C0E9EE18Aup raising over $20,000, all before cell phones and internet!!
My dad ended up years later dying of cancer. Then Jim. Then Bob. Robbie and finally John, the day before I was to ride my first PMC. I’m the only one left of the “1988 Cross Country for Cancer” group. I supported then, I support now. Many, many other friends and family have also passed due to cancer since then, including Mrs Berkeley just this year and the lone member of their family, Christine, has been diagnosed with cancer. 
I rode the UNPAVED 50 mile route last year. 
I was not prepared. I got to the split, 30 mile right, 50 mile left… I wanted to turn right but then I thought of everyone I’m riding for… none of them had it easy.. why should I?! I had leg cramps, constant muscle tightness and spasms. I had to walk a lot of it because of that if I expected to finish at all. image2-Sep-13-2023-01-33-27-5563-PM
I was the last rider in at 430pm but I finished. I finished in honor of my Dad, Steve Nelson Sr, the Berkeley’s, my friends, my family.
 I don’t have the time to prepare like I should to ride, so this year my wife and I are volunteering. 
I just hope I’m still making my Dad super proud.image0-Sep-13-2023-01-33-27-5471-PM


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