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PMC Unpaved

Tools & Tips

Commit, you’ll figure it out – but you’ll also have plenty of help along the way. When you register for PMC Unpaved, you are signing up for a fundraising mission first and a bike ride second. Our tools and tips will guide you though a successful PMC Unpaved fundraising campaign.

PMC Unpaved Dashboard

The PMC Unpaved Dashboard is the "hub site" for all riders' and volunteers' PMC Unpaved information. It visually displays fundraising progress, goals, donor communication and gives you easy access to our latest PMC Unpaved fundraising tools. Additionally,  you may update personal information conveniently and quickly.

Use PMC Unpaved Login in the menu at the top of the page to access your Dashboard or create an account.

PMC Unpaved Profile Page

Everyone comes to PMC Unpaved for a reason – help potential donors understand why you're here and why you've made a commitment to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Access your PMC Unpaved Profile Page through your PMC Unpaved Dashboard

Tell Your Story:

Do you ride in honor of or in memory of a family member or friends? Are you PMC Living Proof? Help donors understand why you've made a commitment to ride and fundraise.

Set a Goal

Aim high! In 2024, the PMC Summit Fundraiser level is $4,000. You can aim for this fundraising milestone or set your own goal.

Add Photos

Give donors visual context. Include photos of yourself, for whom you ride, from training ride, or from other PMC events.



The new PMC App (launched summer 2023) makes managing your fundraising and logistics a breeze. The app is available for iOS and Android.

You can access all of your information within this one app – you no longer need to download multiple apps for multiple PMC events!

The new app features:

  • Multiple Events: Switch between PMC Unpaved, the Pan-Mass Challenge, and PMC Winter Cycle events within the app.
  • Mobile Deposit: Use mobile deposit to apply your fundraising checks to any 2024 PMC events in which you are participating. If you are a team captain, you can now deposit checks directly to your team fundraising.
  • Profile Page: Edit your profile page, including updating your fundraising goal, adding photos, writing your story, and more.
  • Fundraising: View donations, track your fundraising progress, launch a Facebook Fundraiser, and more!
  • Logistics & Personal Information: View and edit your rider and/or volunteer logistics, as well as update your personal information, such as your shipping address, emergency contact, etc.

Successful PMC fundraising messages share two key components with donors:


100 percent of all rider-raised dollars go directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The 100 percent passthrough highlights PMC Unpaved's fundraising efficiency; make sure your donors know and understand that each dollar they donate reaches Dana-Farber and makes a difference.

Your personal reason for participating in the PMC

Each rider and volunteer has their own reason for participating in PMC Unpaved, but all are unified by the PMC's mission of funding cancer research and treatment. Let your supporters know why the PMC Unpaved mission is personal and important to you.

Facebook Fundraisers

Update (March 25, 2024): Please note that as of March 25, PMC Facebook Fundraisers are unavailable because of an issue at Facebook. Donations cannot be accepted in Facebook Fundraisers at this time.

In place of creating a Facebook Fundraiser, we currently recommend riders should share their PMC Unpaved Profile Page on Facebook. Through PMC Profile Pages, donors can give by credit card, Venmo, or DAFpay. Learn about more ways to give here.

We apologize for this inconvenience. This issue is impacting numerous nonprofits and we do not yet know when it will be resolved. For fundraising support, please call 781-449-5300 or email panmass@pmc.org.

Connect your PMC Unpaved Profile Page to a Facebook Fundraiser and easily fundraise on social media. 

Donations made to your Facebook Fundraiser will be credited to your PMC Unpaved fundraising and your fundraising total on your Facebook Fundraising and on your PMC Unpaved Profile Page will sync.

To create a Facebook Fundraiser, log into your PMC Unpaved Dashboard. Under Fundraising, select Facebook Fundraiser, then click Create a Facebook Fundraiser and follow the prompts.

Before launching a Facebook Fundraiser, make sure your PMC Profile Page is up to date. Your photo, story, fundraising goal and fundraising total will be published as the foundation of your Facebook Fundraiser.

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