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Why I PMC - Jessica Piwowarski

Published Date:   September 20, 2023

Topic:   Why I PMC, #WHYIPMC, #PMC2023, #PMCUnpaved

Why I PMC - Jessica Piwowarski
#WhyIPMC guest blog by Jessica Piwowarski, 2-year PMC Unpaved rider (Pioneer), 10-year PMC rider, Captain - Team De-Feet

Watching a family member, slowly be taken from this world by cancer, is one of the hardestimage0-Sep-20-2023-04-00-50-9963-PM things to do. I would never wish this sadness, fear, anger, frustration, grief, or pain on anyone. Yet thousands of people know it. I dedicated my first Unpaved ride to my family. To the one going through hell right now. Her journey is not over, but it has gotten worse. We know she is fighting a losing battle, but Dana-Farber gives us hope.

I’ve watched this scene far too many times before. I know more than I ever wanted to about various cancers and their outcomes. I carry the names of those I ride for on my bike. This year that number rose to 100. Half are family, half are friends. I remember my mantra… I ride for the angels above us, and the warriors among us. I ride for hope, for change, for a cure.image1-Sep-20-2023-04-00-55-3604-PM 
I returned to PMC Unpaved to tackle the Eagle route, because I hate cancer with every fiber of my being. One friend said it best last year, “It doesn’t matter how tough the 50 is, it can’t be worse than what a cancer patient goes through.” Truth. I love the camaraderie, the intimate camp feeling, the fireside chats, the s’mores, and the beautiful scenery. I came back because I am committed to De-Feet-ing Cancer.image3-Sep-20-2023-04-00-53-1024-PM


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