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Cause a Ruckus at PMC Unpaved

Published Date:   September 26, 2022

Topic:   Sponsor News, PMC 2022, PMC Unpaved

Cause a Ruckus at PMC Unpaved

One lucky PMC Unpaved rider will win a new 54cm custom PMC Unpaved gravel frame, courtesy of our friends at Ruckus Bikes. Founded by PMC riders Steve and Kristin Brandt, Ruckus Bikes is a new brand inspiring people to make a happy ruckus, and a difference, through bicycles.

No action is required; each PMC Unpaved rider is automatically entered in this content. We will notify the winner on Monday October 3, 2022.

Look for Ruckus Bikes at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac after the ride at PMC Unpaved on Saturday, October 1. Ruckus Bikes is also selling the carbon frame and fork featuring PMC Unpaved colors; it is available for pre-order now through October 8, 2022 at rideruckusbikes.com. For each frame purchased, Ruckus Bikes will donate $250 to the PMC.

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